Widdershins is the follow-up album to Child of the Hollow Way.  It has some similarities and references to its older sibling, and has emerged via a similar process, drawing on our collective unconscious, but is a self-contained piece of work that ventures further into the world of "progressive" music and away from its predecessors more folk-orientated roots.

Tracks on the album range from explorations of some of the darker, more challenging spaces around us, to a homage to "Bedlam" (Border Morris) and one of its major contributors in the last 35 years.  However, the entire project is glued together by an awareness of liminal spaces; fairies, ghosts and memories; and transformative events.

The album is again created, co-produced and performed by me and co-produced, engineered and mixed by Steve Paine at Myrddin Studio in South Wales.  But it also includes contributions from Debbie Chapman (vocals), Lucy Speller (flute) and Tali Paine (guitar).